Re: Finding doubles with GOTO

thefamily90 Phillips

Thanks Roland,
The ADS database is excellent and I do use it. But occasionally I
like to observe a more detailed list. Your suggestion will be a
great help. thanks!


I see that you can put in
coordinates for an unlisted double and it will slew to it. But,
there a way to display the RA and DEC coordinates and slew to
doubles by reading the coordinates as you slew?
If you have any of the version 3 software installed on the keypad,
simply go
to the Objects menu, press the > button and you will see the RA
and Dec
co-ordinates of your current position displayed.

You can also find doubles uing the ADS ouble star catalog in the
keypad. Go
to the double star catalog by pressing the # 6 = More button.

Roland Christen

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