Re: AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?

W Hilmo

There was an error message. I don't remember it, and was in the field when it occurred and didn't make a note of it at the time. With limited time at that site, I just switched to another piece of camera software, probably Maxim. I remember that the error message referenced pixel coordinates, which is why I think that it might be related to binning the camera 2x2.

I was planning on reproducing it at home and digging a bit deeper, and was going to do that before reporting it. I mentioned it here, due to the mention of using the ASCOM driver in APPM, and in case someone else encounters it. And since problems seem to happen in groups (at least for me) the computer that I was using in the field failed and could not be restarted when I got home from that trip. I have a new computer nearly fully provisioned and ready to go, but have been slowed by lots of family things going on.

I hope to be going again before the next new moon and will give a much more precise description of the issue then.

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Hi Wade,

Regarding the ASCOM driver, I tried it a few weeks ago with my QSI690
and it did not work. I’ve not reported it yet because I haven’t had
any time since to do a preliminary investigation. I suspect that the
problem is that I bin the camera 2x2 for plate solves (because it has
slow downloads of full resolution images). I remember that a couple of years ago, I found a problem where APPM would not plate solve through SGP with 2x2 binning, and Ray fixed that. I believe that the same problem might exist in the current APPM when plate solving with the ASCOM driver.
What doesn't work? The binned image doesn't get created? Or, the plate solve of the image fails?


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