AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?


I have an AP1100GTO-AE coming hopefully very soon.  My understanding for modeling is I will need software to build a model with APPM, and that I need some combination of Pinpoint, TSX, SGP plus camera control (though it appears so long as I have ASCOM that's covered, it's a ASI6200MM I would be using).  If it matters I got the RAPAS, no keypad, and will be using it with setup and teardown nightly.

I have a MyT now I will be selling, so while I have TSX it will go with the mount. 

I use NINA for session manager and hope/plan to keep doing so.  My understanding is one day, maybe, APPM will support ASTAP but not yet, and probably not before I need something.

What is the shortest and simplest path to satisfy APPM with the understanding I really do not care to use that path for imaging.  I.e. if I buy TXS, SGP or Pinpoint it will just be for APPM, and not for regular use during imaging.  At least that's my hope, that I can do that.

I could keep TSX for a while but it's not worth it, since I plan to sell the mount. With no release date announced for ASTAP I think I need to plan on having to buy one of those three.

I realize I could get trials, experiment with all of them once I get the mount and see how they work, but my guess is 99% of their features are irrelevant if all I want is plate solving.

So I'm hoping you folks can save me some trouble -- what's the shortest, simplest path here.  I think all of these are in the few hundred dollar range, so in the scope of things it is not about cost, it is that I have so many other things to learn getting started I just want the simplest solution.



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