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You do not need to worry about the APAE Utility if you intend to use APCC. You can use just the ethernet port and be ready to go.


Liam Plybon



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Sent: Monday, June 21, 2021 2:46 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] 1100GTO-AEL - Question about encoder setup process #Absolute_Encoders


I recently received a new 1100GTO-AEL and I've been reading all the documentation and getting ready to set everything up for first use. I am a bit confused about some language in the GTOCP4 manual regarding absolute encoders. The manual states "The APAE Utility needs to be connected to the GTOCP4 through a separate COM port from the one that is controlling the mount. This connection can be done through the GTOCP4's second RS-232 serial port or through the USB connection ..."

I plan to use Ethernet to run the mount. Does the above-quoted language mean I need a separate physical USB or serial cable to set up the encoders?

Additionally, I plan to use APCC Pro, and I understand APCC has an AE tab. Do I still need the APAE Utility? Regardless, I still have the same question about whether I need 2 separate cables to set up the mount and the encoders.

I apologize that these questions seem pretty basic, but I want to make sure I set up the mount right the first time.

Thanks for any feedback,

Patrick Spencer

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