Re: #Mach2GTO C14Edge HD rig - A Couple Questions #Mach2GTO

Greg Vaughn

Hi Deonb,


Thanks for sharing the photos of your rig.  Very impressive.


Wanted to ask just a few questions about your rig:


  1. The mirror locks on your Edge 14 appear to have been converted from the pointed plastic ones to flat knobs.   Can I ask where you found these or whether they came with the C14 Edge?   I have a C11 Edge and those locks are important but often seem to get in the way when changing equipment in the image train.
  2. I just recently assembled a ZWO MM CMOS camera, a filter wheel and an OAG with guide camera.   I used a very similar ZWO camera for the guide camera, but it looks like I oriented it differently than yours.   Mine has the long dimension tangential to the image circle.  It looks like you have it orthogonal.   Is this to make sure that your sensor dips into the image circle?  Curious about your thought process and any common practices in this choice that I may not be aware of.
  3. Is the ‘Saggita’ OPTEC device a focuser for your guide camera?   If so, what are you using for your primary focuser (is that the OPTEC Leo?) and any thoughts or lessons learned about these choices?  No problem fitting everything in within the backfocus spec for the reducer?


Again, thanks for sharing quality photos of your rig and your observatory – looks very efficient and tidy as well.  Clearly oriented for remote and unattended operation!


Clear skies!





Greg Vaughn

Alexandria, VA


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