Re: Understanding automation-based corrections/sync #Mach2GTO #Keypad

Ray Gralak

There is not enough information to say for sure why the pointing errors accumulated but this is not typical behavior seen with other ASCOM client applications.

1) How do I see what sync updates NINA (Automation Software in general) did to APCC? Specifically, what is the
active correction value (or points) from the sync? (Not just logs)

2) How do I clear it?
If you need to correct the mount's position, I suggest you use APPM's "Plate Solve and RECAL" button on APPM's Run tab.

3) Are the NINA correction it does per point? i.e. Does APCC build an internal pointing model for every correction,
or is it just a single correction value with a last-one-wins?
APCC's pointing models are static once created. Sync's into the model just adjust the an offset into the model.

4) How does NINA correction integrate with the APPM pointing model?
There is no integration, nor does there need to be. NINA is not even aware that there is a pointing model.

5) Is the effect of NINA corrections cumulative? It appears to be, I can't imagine APCC or NINA having missing a
single slew/plate-solve by 12 degrees in order to finally end up with a 12 degree error. Cumulative seems ok on
any other mount, but on a mount with A.E. this doesn't seem like the best strategy.
There's something else going on if errors have accumulated to that extent. I suggest you turn off syncing in NINA until the source of the issue can be determined.


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