Re: Understanding automation-based corrections/sync #Mach2GTO #Keypad

Joseph Beyer

I had a similar observation with NINA several nights ago.  While running an APPM model and selecting targets and triggering slews from CdC the go-tos with my Mach1 were perfectly centered.  If the same coordinates were pulled from CdC into NINA (by initially selecting an object as a target in CdC then pulling those coordinates into the framing assistant) then using those coordinates in a target sequence the go-tos were not centered.  The only way I was able to have the objects centered after slewing to the target when starting the imaging sequence was to first drag the object into the center of the framing assistant and click "recenter".  I checked the coordinates used by CdC and NINA and they appeared to be the same.  I will follow up with the developers on Discord but this sounds similar to what I was observing as well.

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