Re: Understanding automation-based corrections/sync #Mach2GTO #Keypad


Thanks Dale,

I'll try tonight with the 'prevent syncing' on in N.I.N.A. I figured N.I.N.A does something simple like this - and that does seem to me that it could cause cumulative errors - through no fault of NINA.

Out of curiosity - if sync is turned off, how does NINA center after plate-solve? Does it then just slew to offset coordinates instead? (And will those thus instead be reflected in the FITS file?)

Either way, I'm looking more for an overall safety from the APCC side here. Even if the 'prevent syncing' solves the specific NINA case, I still want APCC to prevent NINA, Stellarium, PHD2 or whatever from deviating the overall correction to more than e.g. 0.5 degree from the A.E. 

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