Re: M16 from my new observatory

M Hambrick

Very nice image Robert.

Which equipment do you leave set up at your observatory ? I presume that you have a roll-off roof or something similar and that the mount is permanently set up and has been or will be precisely polar aligned. Do you leave anything else (scope, camera) set up ? I ask because NW Texas gets really hot in the summer as well as really cold in the winter. Do you have any kind of climate control for your observatory ? In addition to the drive, how long does it take you to get set up for a night of observing / imaging once you get there ?

I would love to set up some kind of permanent or semi-permanent observatory in my back yard, but I worry that the mount will not do well in the heat. Summertime temperatures here in Southeast Texas routinely get into the upper 90's, and inside an enclosure such as a roll-off roof observatory the temperature will easily reach 120 - 130 Deg F.


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