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Shane Ramotowski

Thanks Roland.  This is 1/4th the volume that my AP1200 takes in transit!

- Shane

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Very clever.


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Hi all!

My Mach2 is finally portable!  I bought a Pelican 1560 case and adapted
it to securely hold the Mach2 during transport.

< <>>
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The frame is 3/4 inch plywood lined with 5mm neoprene wherever it is in
contact with the mount.  The Mach2 fits (almost too) snugly and does not
move at all when in the case.  The black area on the lid contacts the
mount on the RA axis to keep it from moving in the out-of-the-case
direction when the lid is closed.  The frame is attached to the bottom
of the case by 4 L brackets and to the front and back with 4 bolts each
through the side of the case, a plastic wedge and the frame itself.  The
frame does not move in the case and the Mach2 does not move in the frame.

You can see the white plastic wedge and bolts here:
< <>>

I have to take the saddle off and drop the altitude all the way to fit
it in, but it's OK as the mount it only takes a minute to put the saddle
back on and only about 3 minutes to polar align, which I would have to
do anyway, since I just moved the mount.  I'm going to store the saddle
in the area to the right of the mount in a pouch.

Ready for a Star Party!

- Shane

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