Re: Rescue an old 400QMD?

Tom Blahovici

On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 02:33 PM, alan137 wrote:
As long as the hand controller is missing anyway, can it be converted over to a GTO version?
Or how about adding DSC and turn it into push-TO, and then use the ST4 port for 16x crawl-TO?
If you have a 3d printer (all ATMs should have one..) it would be easy to build a push to using a Nexus II and a couple of encoders. It has WiFi, is inexpensive and will connect to Sky Safari on an Android or iOS phone..
All you need to do is build a pulley, and then a holding mechanism for the encoder. Get CUI encoders. 8092 ticks and about $20 each.
I built such a device for a home made binocular mount. 

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