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Ray Gralak

Hi Rodolphe,

APCC has a "Backups" folder at this location:


Every time you start APCC it will save all settings in a new zipped file with extension ".appcz". The date and time are encoded into the filesnames.

To load a backup, in APCC's file menu, select "Load Settings..." and navigate to the backups folder and select the backup file based on the date that you would like to restore.


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Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2021 1:27 AM
Subject: [ap-gto] Date-time format / APCC issues #APCC

A recent Windows 10 update wrecked the date/time settings of my imaging PC. I discovered that after hours of
investigation. My Mach1 stopped tracking for no obvious reason in the middle of the night… Noticed several errors
in the APCC log and in the APCC pop up window that appears when things go really bad.
However, even after fixing the W10 issue, rebooting, APCC seems lost as if the settings for various limits were
sticking with the previous / wrong date/time Windows 10 settings.
Is there an easy way to reset APCC and the CP4 to the default factory settings altogether?
Other suggestions?
Thanks in advance

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