Re: NINA and utilizing APCC meridian limits

In this case, the flip will occur when the target reaches an angle on the other side of the mount that is clear of any defined obstruction. The target will then get recentered and such (if that option is on) and the session resumes.
That's terrific. I am hoping I have zero such spots -- with the MyT on the same mount I did not, though it is really close. I'll find out, but good to know there's a workaround. I hated the idea of building in (say) 30 minute gap for all angles when it's just one tiny area. This is really nice.

< Case in point: a person I once worked with got an hour of imaging time back just by rotating his filter wheel 180 degrees, turning the long side of it "up" and therefore away from the tripod legs. He could then image to the meridian instead of having to stop 30 minutes prior to it and waiting 30 minutes afterwards.

I've got a filter wheel and a guide camera 180 degrees from each other, both of which stick out (the guide camera much less). And frankly this is a nice "feature" of the manual rotator -- it forces me to go outside and turn it, and I can look and see whether 180 degrees off would be a better angle with regard to collisions (with an automated system I might never notice).

Another issue will be whether going to odd-leg-north instead of odd-leg-south. I get a significant amount of extra clearance with the odd-leg-south on the MyT. I'm worried the larger AP1100 will require I go odd-leg-north for balance (i.e. when no OTA but all the CW's on). George tells me I'll be good so optimistic. Time will tell.

But I'm really happy to see this synergy between the meridian limits in APCC and NINA's flip (or smart flip -- you do realize the name implies the other is "dumb" right?).


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