Re: NINA and utilizing APCC meridian limits

IF you've mapped out these collision areas using APCC's meridian limit config tool, then SMF will observe these limits and flip (or stop) the scope 10 seconds prior to encountering them. This is why I mentioned the plugin having two time statuses: one for any pre-meridian pause, the other for the actual flip time. Optimally they would be the same, meaning you don't have to stop work to avoid a collision while you wait for the target to sail through the meridian and get low enough so that you can then safely flip and resume.
What does it do about timing of the flip itself. It will stop early, which is good. But does it wait to send the flip commands (pierside or new slew or both) until the target will be out of the prohibited area?

(Again, I can experiment when I get it).

shameless plug for the A-P Eagle tripod with extension
I actually spent a lot of time staring at that as it looked very attractive, but I really love my Planet. Going to give it a go first. Not sure if I could get a mini-pier extension to work on it or not.


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