Re: NINA and utilizing APCC meridian limits

As for slews, this has no effect on slews, so starting in a cw-up position is something this plugin doesn't care about or influence. Its only concern at the moment is dictating when the flip happens.
One of the things I have yet to find out (as I don't have the mount yet) is whether I will have the opposite problem -- a need to limit tracking before meridian to avoid collisions at certain DEC angles. Which I think I can code for, right? Different limits based on DEC?

Let's hypothesize that at certain angles I need to stop 15 minutes before transit and resume 15 minutes afterwards to avoid the collision area.

Will this new smart flip accommodate the opposite case -- where you enter limits at certain angles which will not quite allow counterweight level, much less up.

I can do that in NINA now, I think, but it's uniform -- all DEC angles. So I'd have my (example only) 30 minute gap for all flips.

I'm likely to need it (if I need it at all) just in a small area, which is attractive -- I could put in limits once, and it would image to transit and flip in all other areas, but in that area it will stop early and continue later to honor the limits?


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