Re: NINA and utilizing APCC meridian limits

Dale Ghent

On Jun 11, 2021, at 09:11, KHursh via <khursh@...> wrote:

I think it may be time for me to switch to 1.11. I am usually wary of anything in beta, but I think I will give it a go as we approach the full moon. The SMF has the "killer app" feel to it, so I applaud the devs over at NINA for this one. Somewhat off-topic, does this affect the ability to start a sequence CW up?
To be fair, this kind of thing has been in SGPro for a while now as well, but it's done through a different mechanism (APCC send the limits to SGPro's network API, where this plugin reads and interprets the MLM file directly). NINA doesn't have a network API yet. It's on the docket but it's something we want to take our time with and focus on in terms of design, and this development cycle has been centered around the new Advanced Sequencer and other structural improvements. There's a lot of wrong ways to architect an API and it's critical to get it right since things external to the app will be relying on it.

As for slews, this has no effect on slews, so starting in a cw-up position is something this plugin doesn't care about or influence. Its only concern at the moment is dictating when the flip happens.


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