Can I recal from the ASCOM driver?

Mike Dodd

With an equipment change, I might need to re-balance my AP1200. I've done this before, and am familiar with the procedure to balance in the Park 4 (or Park 1) position, then start up, slew to a star, center it with the keypad buttons, then do a Recal with the keypad.

Buy my keypad is disconnected and stored in the house. I'd rather not hook it up and go through the setup to change from EXT to auto-connect, then back to EXT afterward.

QUESTION: Can I do the Recal from the ASCOM driver window? I see the option to use Recal for Sync, and that's always been checked, but I see no "Recal Now" button.

If not in the ASCOM driver, I'm pretty sure I can use SkyX:
1. Slew to a star.
2. Use the driver's buttons to center the star.
3. Do a Sync in SkyX.

Since the driver is set to use Recal instead of Sync, everything is copacetic, correct?

Thanks for all information.

--- Mike

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