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Very nice image John.

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The following is my post to our clubs Facebook page. (Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas) An example of fairly fast image acquisition with a OSC CMOS camera. I'm trying to get efficient with my time as I'm getting older. 
IC443  the Jellyfish Nebula 
1/15/2021 - Nebula stack -  LeXtreme Pro
1/18/2021 - Stars stack - IDAS P3
From my backyard in Allen, Texas:
MPSAS 17.8-18.2 / Bortle 8-8.2 (Measured with SQM meter)
Finally got the results of my science project I've been working on for the last 3 months. Did not spend more than 2 hours on the work flow today... not including stack time. This is not an attempt at narrowband with shrunk or no stars, but rather a composite RGB image from a OSC camera with colorful background stars. Did spend a month or so on refreshing my math for sky background vs sub length calculations and doing a boatload of testing with filters and my SQM meter.  
63 subs @ 240secs (4.2hrs)  LeXtreme Pro
156 subs @ 30 secs (1.3hrs) IDAS P3
Total integration for my Bortle 8+ sky was 5.5 hours. 
Can probably cut the broadband down to about 35 mins of 30sec subs for a total integration of 4.8 hours. Anything more doesn't improve the image for me. This will allow me to shoot more than 1 nebula per night sometimes depending on their brightness, but IC443 is fairly dim.
QHY268C @ Bin1- 1.26 "/pix, 3.76u pixels,  AP130 @ f 4.725, APMach1 unguided.,,,20,2,0,0

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