Re: New Chat: 1100GTO and TheSky X #chat-notice

Donald Gaines

Hi MJB87,

Thanks for the info, I was wondering one could get the job done without a planetarium program.


On Thursday, June 3, 2021, mjb87 via <> wrote:
Just FYI, I used TSX with my 1100 (no encoders) for years. When I added my Mach2 (with AE of course) and set up for remote imaging I quickly learned that TSX was (1) unnecessary and (2) created a potential source of problems. My routine now is to use APCC to initialize the mount, start up SGPro to slew the telescope to the desired location (preset), then do a platesolve for final positioning and camera rotation, and then start the imaging sequence.  No need for a planetarium program.

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