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You are not setting up your software correctly.   Call me.






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Hi Liam,


Oops, got it figured out. I read where TheSky X had drivers for the 1100GTO, so I didn’t select TeleAPI selection, selected com port 5 (virtual), and corrected the time on my computer to match TheSky (I had deselected DST and was thinking of going to UTC), and was able to connect. 


The only question now is if APCC uses comport 3, do other programs an devices like Maximum DL, cameras, and focusers, need to have their own dedicated com port (virtual)?




On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Liam Plybon <liam@...> wrote:

Do you get any kinds of errors when trying to connect with to the CP4? Are you sure you are connecting with the correct com port?





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Subject: [ap-gto] New Chat: 1100GTO and TheSky X #chat-notice


A new chat has been created:


I recently received an 1100GTO with AE,  and I am a new user.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to configure it for remote imaging, and would appreciate your help. 

Seems like you need a method to drive the scope to the desired target, then APCC Pro takes care of tracking with help from a guide scope for long exposures. 

Also, I’ve read on the forum that Roland uses TheSky X (I assume for target selection), and Maximum DL (I assume for camera , focusing, and guide scope control).  Did I read Roland’s post correctly?

I purchased TheSky X Pro, downloaded and installed the TeleAPI v5.04 driver, but have been unable to connect. Can anyone help with this issue. 


By: Donald Gaines <onegaines@...>

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