Re: Planetarium software

Dale Ghent

Correct me if I'm wrong, but T-Point will not give you tracking modeling when using it with a non-SB mount, correct? Point modeling doesn't really amount to much in astrophotography when there are things like closed-loop slews (as TSX terms it, others just call it centering) that will fix any post-slew pointing error. You do want tracking modeling, however, and s far as I'm aware, only APCC+APPM will give you that with A-P mounts.

I'm a contributor to NINA so it's obvious where my personal preferences lay and what my likely suggestion is going to be. But whatever you choose to use, I *highly* *highly* suggest using APCC+APPM over T-Point now that you've moved over to Astro-Physics hardware. The good news is that you ought to have two licenses for APCC Pro if you purchased your two mounts new from A-P or one of their dealers.

On Jun 2, 2021, at 13:41, Shailesh Trivedi <> wrote:

Thanks Linwood, good thoughts. I currently have TSX with camera add on and Tpoint add on, and I agree with your thought that PHD2 is a better autoguider.

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