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Dale Ghent

Hi Shailesh,

It's note really clear as to what your goals are. Is it to use a planetarium app to drive the mount around the sky for visual and occasional light astrophotography use, or are you looking for something that's primarily for automated astrophotography that can also lean on a planetarium app for target coordinates and such?

On May 27, 2021, at 19:07, Shailesh Trivedi <> wrote:

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Does anyone have a recommendation? The Sky X vs Maxim DL?

I used to have a Paramount MX (PMX) which I have sold in lieu of AP1100 with AE and a soon expected Mach2.

I used The Sky X with camera addon and Tpoint on my PMX, but now that I do not have this mount, I am inclined to help the PMX buyer transfer the TSX license. I would like to know what the good folks here use on AP mounts with or without APCC.

Options I am considering

1. Continue TSX with Tpoint + camera add on or use the imaging edition from Bisque
2. Use MaximDL, but not sure if it is as good as TSX. I especially liked the "closed-loop slew" in TSX; I don't know if Maxim DL has the equivalent of closed-loop slew, and if the planetarium sw of Maxim DL as good. I have heard of auto meridian flips of MDL and multi-star auto-guiding, plus integration with ACP.



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