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Ron Wodaski <ronw@...>

I've already cast my vote in favor of a more sophisticated hand
controller/goto unit for the AP scopes. <g>

I agree that more sophisticated software would solve many of these problems.
For the time being, all I'm saying is that if you want to enjoy the benefits
of polar alignment using your scope, that scope needs to be lined up
parallel to the RA axis. Otherwise, polar alignment takes a long time,
involves guesswork, and you would be better off with a bore scope for polar
alignment. IMO.

Ron Wodaski

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Not so if your hand-controller happens to be that of a Meade LX-200.
High precision pointing (HPP) provides a quick workaround to non-
orthogonality and other pointing problems. When HPP is turned on,
and you GOTO a target, the scope slews instead, to the nearest bright
star to your target. You then center the star with N-S-E-W, in your
telescope, or CCD chip, press GOTO and land your target on a CCD chip
every time. No need to identify a suitable nearby bright star in a
star altas and recalibrate manually as you must do with AP GOTO. The
Meade software does it all for you. This doesn't seem that
complicated. Wish AP and other manufacturers of GOTO and DSC
products would incorporate HPP or its equivalent in their software.


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So my thinking is pretty simple on this: if you want to do
hand-controller-aided polar aligning, you'll have to pay the price
to create
or confirm orthogonality. I think that that unavailability of the
AP bore
scopes played into this problem.

Ron Wodaski

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