A great night at the Peak

John Gleason

Probably a better post for the apug group, but I must say we had a great
night a Fremont Peak, California last night. This 3000 el location on
California's central coast can often boast excellent transparency and
seeing. Last night was no exception.

Peter Natcher was there with his 10" AP Mak Cass on 900 goto mount (BTW
Roland, I want one of these), ATS pier, and I was there with the AP 180 f/7
and 1200 goto. Peter blew me away with his binoviewer and 5mm Tak eyepieces
on Mars. Great geometry this apparition. It's as if you are looking down
onto the South Pole of Mars. There is a dark leading edge below the "cap"
and a fainter, dark lane of some kind across the top of the cap. Syrtis
Major was easy as gray-blue shading against the salmon pink of the planet.
After finishing up some CCD imaging, I turned the 7/7 on Mars with a Pentax
5mm SMC. Mars was at it's highest point in the sky. All I can say is Wow!
I needed more power.

Completed this image for the book as well. I think it came out pretty good.

A great night, great telescopes, great company.

John Gleason,

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