Re: Problems using ASI air pro and AP mounts

Kenneth Tan

Hmm I wonder if there is something wrong with my setup. I use a 250 mm fl guide scope with an ASI 1290 cam as guidecam

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Hi Kenneth

I've had very unpredictable guiding performance with AsiAir Pro until the latest version with multi star guiding. 

I haven't had too many chances to test it out but the guiding was very good when I did. Better then the best with the previous version. And seemingly more stable. I just started it up and it worked. No tweaking. 


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From: Kenneth Tan <ktanhs@...>
Date: 2021-06-01 5:21 p.m. (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [ap-gto] Problems using ASI air pro and AP mounts

I have a strange problem. I am using a c925 on a AP 1600 . I can run it without guiding for about 30 s with fairly round stars.  The moment i try to guide with the phd on the asiair pro, it is all over the place. Unpredictable spikes in both axes.  Has anyone encountered this problem? I will try with phd proper the next time.


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