Re: Mach 1 ra motor failure to move the the west.

Roland Christen

What could have been wrong?
Bad connection to either of the two motors will cause this. Most likely a loose cable connection to the motor box. Second thing could be a poor connection at one of the connectors inside the cable. Third might be a broken wire inside the motor box that is just touching the pin on the connector.


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the other night I set my Mach 1 up with a RASA 8 as a trial before New Moon. this was a new scope to me.  it was balanced , no cabling issues and in fact with the clutches loosened the scope was free to spin in ra and dec with a light touch.  Now to the trouble.  I noted it was not tracking in RA plus when ever I tried to use the Keypad to force it to move to the west the RA motor noise would last about a second stop with a second short burst and that was it.  I could go to the East and use the keypad to move N and S.  The battery was well charged.  Two mornings before I used this same Mach1 for the Lunar eclipse with out issue.  
That Night I took the whole thing down and reassembled in my garage.  In the am I tried the K pad on my 1200 mount.  No problems.
 I hooked the electronics up again, on the Mach 1, using the same battery as the night before and everything worked including tracking a phantom star .
It has worked ever since as I have tried to see if it would fail.  What could have been wrong? I did not look at the stall light I guess because it would move N, S and East and freely move with clutches released. 
The other issue I have is that the ra gear train noise in ra slewing is not always of  the same frequency.  It seems to vary a bit.  thanks cjacobson

Roland Christen

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