Re: My AP1100 CP4 died (I think ..., need confirmation)

Steve Salvo

My CP4 was showing similar issues.  Turned out to be mount limit warnings.

see below from Rolando.

 Roland Christen

'm afraid to repeat these tests as there could be potential problems with the hardware, 
The "Motor Stall" warning will occur when unsafe limits are exceeded. This is not a warning that something is wrong with the motor or electronics, it is simply telling you that the software has turned off the power to the motors to prevent your scope from being damaged. At this time we use the same error code for all situations where the motor power has been turned off. It probably could be changed to indicate not "motor stall" but "motor power deactivated".  However, we have many other software challenges right now and this one will have to wait a bit. Be assured that nothing bad has happened to your electronics or the motors.

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