Re: Need help figuring out focal length for Stowaway and AP130EDFGT / Field Flattener and more for inputting into ASIAir Pro

Lee Decovnick


As Kenneth and Kevin noted, I used the ASIAIR Pro plate solve  using two different ASI cameras on the same scope, an SV115 Triplet APO. Stellarvue's spec was 800mm, but the with the ASI2600 MC is came it at 803mm and with the AS294MC 799 mm. YMMV  It's interesting, after two hours of shooting, and the scope finally reaching an ambient temperature, the the 803mm focal length changed to 801mm. 

I love the AAP polar alignment, I'm running 300 second subs unguided with wonderful pinpont stars....but getting my Mach1 to dead on on both axis takes about 15 minutes and 3 iterations of the PA program. That said,  the AAP guiding still leaves a lot to be desired.. ;-)


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