Planetarium software

Shailesh Trivedi

Does anyone have a recommendation? The Sky X vs Maxim DL?

I used to have a Paramount MX (PMX) which I have sold in lieu of AP1100 with AE and a soon expected Mach2.

I used The Sky X with camera addon and Tpoint on my PMX, but now that I do not have this mount, I am inclined to help the PMX buyer transfer the TSX license. I would like to know what the good folks here use on AP mounts with or without APCC.

Options I am considering

1. Continue TSX with Tpoint +  camera add on or use the imaging edition from Bisque
2. Use MaximDL, but not sure if it is as good as TSX. I especially liked the "closed-loop slew" in TSX; I don't know if Maxim DL has the equivalent of closed-loop slew, and if the planetarium sw of Maxim DL as good. I have heard of auto meridian flips of MDL and multi-star auto-guiding, plus integration with ACP. 



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