Re: Need help figuring out focal length for Stowaway and AP130EDFGT / Field Flattener and more for inputting into ASIAir Pro

M Hambrick

If you have MaxIm DL you can also use PinPoint Astrometry to do your plate solve. You can use it with the GSC-1.1 catalog which can be downloaded free. 

You will need to enter the approximate RA and Dec at the center of the image and an image scale. The first time I used it to solve an image from my Stowaway I had entered the incorrect image scale, and it solved it very quickly anyway. When I noticed that PinPoint kept coming back with a different image scale on my Stowaway images, I realized that I had calculated the original image scale using the wrong focal length. I was using the native focal length of 612 mm, but since I have the 92FF flattener in my imaging train, I should have been using a focal length of 644 mm per the 92FF specifications.


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