Re: Need help figuring out focal length for Stowaway and AP130EDFGT / Field Flattener and more for inputting into ASIAir Pro

Kenneth Tan

Put the focal length that is stated in the specs of the scope. Then shoot and do a plate solve in asi air. It will then update the correct focal length into the field after sync to mount

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I am running into problems figuring out the focal length to use with my new ZWO ASIAir Pro and ZWO ASI071 MC Pro camera and AP Stowaway.  I have tried inputting 0 to have the ASIAir Pro calculate it but it comes up with 648 or 649, and I'm not sure it takes into account the field flattener (or the Precise Parts Adapter).  I haven't used the Pro with the AP130 Gran Turismo yet since I'm having so much trouble.  And I have tried uploading an image from the first night where things worked to to calculate but it's going on 12 hrs processing/queued!  Unfortunately I didn't write the focal length down for reference later that first night.  So my plate solves are a crap shoot and I get told my FOV is  ? x ? and outside the range and plate solve fails.   I have posted questions on the ZWO Facebook group and on the Celestron AVX group and still no clear answers.  

Any help in figuring this out would be much appreciated.  Here are the two scenarios I would be using per George at Astro-Physics.

Per George:

          The adapter setups below are shown following the light path from left to right (scope on the left & camera to the right).


                      130 EDFGT with 67PF562 field flattener: 

                                67PF562 + A1262 CCD Adapter + A3503-A (Extension) + ADA27-42 + new camera (ASI1071MC Pro)


                      Stowaway with 92FF field flattener:

                                92FF + Precise Parts Adapter + ADA27-42 + new camera (ASI1071MC Pro)
                              The below screenshot is the info on the Precise Parts Adapter: on my Stowaway:

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