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Mihir --

Fwiw.. I've currently got a Meade12" ACF (labeled "RC" tho) on the Mach2:
- 16" dovetail saddle,
- Pegasus UPBv2, 
- QHY268M+FW,  (2x2 bin)
- Lumicon GEG (using the reducer only, unguided), 
- Clement Belepheron 3 focuser (rather massive),
- Robofocus motor,
- Dew strap and an orion flexishield,
- and Polemaster on the polar axis hole.

All sitting on an Eagle tripod with two 8" sections (max height).

I'm using pretty all the counterweights I have and it fills up the CW shaft almost completely.

Honestly I'm not sure I could put any more counterweight on the shaft.

Fwiw, I'm currently figuring out the APPM thing -- my horizon is non trivial with trees sticking up all over the place.
I did get a "medium size" model and was super impressed on how objects at about 1700mm FL (12" F/10 with reducer at 6.3) would land smack in the middle of the sensor after a goto.

I think unguided imaging is working with this setup but unfortunately the moon has been hindering anything but short 2 minute exposures.

The meade 12 on the mach2 is kind of an experiment until I get some focus motor issues worked out with the 130GT and Tak FS128 and nebula season returns.
But I am also intrigued w/ running f/4 using the GEG reducer -- however I will need a custom adapter for the camera side of the GEG.
I typically use the 12" for public outreach at an observatory on an AP1200 (or AP1100), but am planning on switching to the Mach2 when the season returns in 2022.
The meade 12" weighs about 40 lbs without the focuser, camera, etc.


On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 10:51 PM Christopher Erickson <christopher.k.erickson@...> wrote:
Just my personal opinion, the biggest SCT and cam setup I would put on a Mach2 would be a C11.

My C14 rides on my 1100GTO, which is a very good match for it.

"My advice is always free and worth every penny!"

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, Hawaii

On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 7:38 PM EmP <padhye.mihir@...> wrote:
Hi Roland,
Thanks for the reply. I will be using ZWOASI 174MC camera (not the mini version. Sorry for the typo) for OAG. Will this be ok or do you recommend any different camera?  I will also add Moonlight motorized focuser (Nitecrawler provided I manage the backfocus or the 2.5" CHL). Can Mach2 handle this rig comfortably?


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