Re: #Mach2GTO C14Edge HD rig #Mach2GTO


I have this setup - even heavier than yours since I have to add 7-lbs of counter-balance to the front of my OTA. (I can't push the OTA up forward enough since it will bump up against my observatory dome).

I also have a 3 motorized focusers on mine - mirror, image train and OAG - as well as a rotator, so add another 5 lbs.

I did removed my dovetail bar at the top and mounted my UPBv2 underneath. This reduces the weight and the moment arm. Mounting items at the top requires significantly more counterweight than mounting them at the bottom. In general the mount is a lot happier with everything pulled in closer, so I would say try to avoid the top dovetail bar (and accessories) if you can.

Roland also had to help me with a configuration specific to this weight class, but it's flawless now.  It's certainly on the edge of the graph, but it's not over, and it works very very well.

I don't generally do unguided since APPM is painful with a dome, and it currently doesn't support NINA or ASTAP. However, I have set that up as well to try out. I was able to get 10 minutes at 2800mm and 5 minutes at 3910mm with a so-so APPM map. I was impressed, but I'll wait for ASTAP integration before trying that again. Nothing to do with the weight though - it's obviously able to handle unguided at that weight.

I wouldn't call my configuration "comfortable". You have to really think about where you want to mount stuff, and you have to balance everything perfectly. I would imagine with an EdgeHD 1100 on there you can probably just throw things on wherever they will stick, and it will work. But in the end it does work with the heavier scope. I find it hard to imagine a 1100GTO would give you any better results, but it will likely give you a bit more breathing room.

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