Re: Question: How do I safety replace the CW shaft adapter

Dale Ghent

You just need more leverage than what an allen wrench can provide. Use a longer device, such as a long phillips head screw driver, instead.

On May 24, 2021, at 09:42, Cheng-Yang Tan via <> wrote:

Hi guys,
I just received the new AP1100 CW shaft adapter with SS insert and I want to replace the existing one without the SS insert. I removed the CW shaft and my telescope and then in the park 3 position, I inserted an allen wrench into the holes of the adapter and applied some force. Nothing moved. I didn't want to apply more persuasion because I was afraid to damage the gears because the clutches were still engaged and so were the spring loaded gear boxes.

So before, I apply more persuasion, what is the safe way to do this without damaging anything?

Thanks for any advice.


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