Re: About APCC and ISS tracking and PC Time

Dale Ghent

On May 24, 2021, at 02:43, Bob <astro@...> wrote:

I'm really quite surprised that APCC cannot utilise gps time directly. I bought a $10 usb gps and it works well with APCC. When I went looking for the setting in APCC that would allow me to utilise the gps time instead of PC time, I couldn't find it. Now I know why.

Any idea if/when this feature will be introduced?
Time syncing is complex enough of a topic that it's best to let dedicated apps which handle the intricacies involved do the driving on this. There are entire professions and academic pursuits based around just this topic, after all, so it's just not something you snap your fingers and see appear in code no matter how "easy" it might appear to the uninitiated.

On Windows:

For NTP, there is the Dimension4. This implements a more aggressive NTP client than the standard one that's built-in to Windows.

For GPS devices that emit standard NMEA time sentences over a serial (COM) port, there is NMEATime2 ($20) or the older, free version, NMEATime.

If you are operating on Linux or other type of *NIX OS, then there are many to accommodate all sorts of time sources.

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