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Nothing wrong with calling AP and nothing wrong with seeing if anyone in our group can help.


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I thought I'd post this after reading the recent ap-ug "Mach2 vibration & noise issue from the RA axis" thread, in case it would be useful to someone else.  
I had a little problem the other night, having left my RAPAS on the Mach2 after polar aligning and then later proceeding to run the scope into it.  :(  (Don't forget to take it off !)
It didn't seem like it was damaged, but later when I had a better chance to look at it, the LED illuminator was turned at an odd angle, about 30 degrees away from the usual 90 degrees perpendicular to the optical tube.  I tried re-aligning it, but realized that this would also affect the orientation of the scope's reticle. 
Late Friday afternoon I emailed George, who answered in 11 minutes with this link instructing me that page 6 would show me how to check the alignment of the reticle.
Just thought I'd pass along an example of Astro Physics', and George's, perfect and very quick advice to check my RAPAS alignment.

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