Re: Should I use my BARADV for the upcoming lunar eclipse?


Daniel, a true work of art and I am so glad your retirement coincided with a great astronomical time.   I had seen this image before and did not link the author to your signature here.  Exceedingly well done and creative, glad you got an award for that one.  Tom

On May 23, 2021, at 10:07, Daniel Borcard <daniel.borcard@...> wrote:

That's a very nice image. You must live near or on the Mediterranean coast of France.


Thanks Rolando,

No, I live about 40 km straight north of Montreal :-)
If you follow the link to my Clear Sky Chart (in my signature block) and click on the light pollution map you'll get an idea:

Last fall I spent many nights out to image Mars. I actually managed to image its whole surface over the months, make a map and project the map onto a globe. See:


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