Question re: Initial setup with GTOCP4

Jil Tardiff

Pretty sure I have this right, just wanted to verify before I powered everything up.  Goal is to run APCC and Nina.

Have a backyard setup with the ATS Pier and a 1100GTO.  I have ethernet from an extension of my mesh network wired to a small Netgear router next to the pier that currently goes just to the NUC. 

Rest of the gear is a NUC + Pegasus Powerbox Ultimate V2 (PPUV2).  All powered by a Powerwerx 30A variable power supply + rig runner (except the NUC).

Proposed setup for the 1100GTO :

1) Mount powered via supplied power pole to rig runner + Powerwerx 
2) Connection to the GTOCP4 is from an ethernet cable from the router (and will need to find the IP of that connection) 

3) A USB 3.0 to the PPUV2 from the NUC, and a power cord from the rig runner to the PPUV2.

4) Everything else run from the PPUV2 as I have been doing with my EQ6R Pro setup. 

I basically just want to verify that the only connection to the GTOCP4  I need, from either my NUC (or my laptop) is that ethernet cable from the Netgear router.  

It seems so simple and straightforward that I feel like I'm missing something ...

Thanks in advance,


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