Mach2 RA problem

Tim Morrill

Hello I’ve had the Mach2 for quite some time now and I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot! It has been performing perfectly. Except last night I went to image a object and it slewed way off target and acted like it was lost. I tried to home the amount but kept coming up with a communication error. And also for the park itself. 

So I went out today to see if I could figure out what was going on and after powering on the mount and energizing the motors it makes a very loud clicking noise in the RA area. And when I’m trying to move the RA there is very loud gear grinding noise… So I just stopped and shut it off immediately. 

Any idea what could have happened? And how to fix it? It’s been sitting in the observatory and nothing has changed.

I will attempt to upload a video so that you can hear the noise. 


Tim Morrill.

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