Re: Should I use my BARADV for the upcoming lunar eclipse?

Mike Dodd

On 5/21/2021 9:36 PM, Mike Dodd wrote:
Most lunar imagers use "lucky imaging" on the Moon and planets. This
uses software like SharpCapture to make a "movie" at 20-60 frames per
second, then AutoStakkert to sort through the frames and choose the best
ones, and stack them into one image. Registax can sharpen the image.
This is one of my lunar images acquired as described: <> Note that the individual exposures were only 1.5 milliseconds -- the Moon is very bright. Details are listed below the image, with links to the specialized software.

When I wrote "SharpCapture" in my message above, I meant to write "FireCapture" which is an improvement, and is free.

I'm not an expert in "lucky imaging" but I'm pleased with this image.

--- Mike

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