Re: Did the design of the 900GTO or SPA change at some point, so the RPA is not essential?

Robert Berta

For remote imaging I use a Meade Giant Field tripod. Originally with my 900 GTO I just drilled and taped holes to attach the mount directly on the flat top of the Meade. Used it that way for years. I than added a 1100 GTO for home observatory use but got the AP flat adaptor for both the Pier and another one for the Meade tripod. In both cases they look nice work well but frankly both worked fine just bolting to the top of the Meade tripod. I think many buy the rotating adaptor thinking that it will give more range of doesn't. Later I machined a cap for use on the Meade tripod that allows additional adjustment of about 15 more degrees in addition to the stock range of adjustment of the mounts.....I have my one metal lathe and milling machine. While it was a fun wasn't necessary frankly. 

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