Re: Ethernet Control of AP1100 Mount

Fritz K

Thanks Christopher, Mike C, and Ray for your helpful replies:

*  If Christopher can't make Eltima work, I am darned sure I have no hope.

*  Mike, as I understand it, the StarTech ethernet to serial worked just fine until you tried to control the 'control' computer via wifi.  So for most of us, the StarTech might work just fine.

*  Ray:  WHO KNEW!  When no one was looking you put a direct IP address link into AP Ascom.   This is not even shown in the latest on-line documentation.  So far I am just testing my bare CP4 on my desk and hooked to my laptop with an Ethernet cable.   Nothing could be EASIER!
   - Check Box marked IP address in AP Ascom.
   - Figure out CP4 IP address per manuals and enter.
   - Click 'Check port'; receive 'Mount Found'!

How could anything be easier?  Thanks for that update to Ascom Ray and thanks for catching my plea on this AP Group and pointing me to the solution.
You made my day, my week, my month!

clear skies, Indy Fritz

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