Ethernet Control of AP1100 Mount

Fritz K

Ethernet Control of AP1100 Mount:


Previously I controlled my AP1100AE/CP4 (S/N 0288) mount using the standard USB to FTDI to Serial connection using Ascom.  All was good.  Now I have a new hi megapixel camera that crashes regularly.  To help trouble shoot and perhaps solve the problem, I would like to move my mount to Ethernet control.  I understand the ‘preferred’ solution is to use APCC.  I would prefer not to have to learn yet another program if there is a simpler way.

The choices seem to be:

(1) a software solution using Eltima  Serial over Ethernet Connection


(2) a hardware solution using the StarTech Ethernet to Serial Device.


For now I have downloaded a free 14 day trial of the Eltima software.  However, AP does not offer enough info in the CP4 manual and startup supplement nor in the Ascom manual.  I have also searched this IO group, finding a only few small tidbits.

Has anyone done this?


(i)  I can connect directly to my CP4 using Firefox and have set Wifi to Off.  It is not clear whether I should set DHCP mode to ‘Server’ or ‘Client’.


(ii)  It is not clear whether the Eltima software should be run in Client or Server mode.  It is not clear what Com port I should use or how to find the correct port.  With USB to Serial via FTDI, Ascom was set to Port 4.


(iii)  And what settings for the AP Ascom driver?  There is a port setting and 3 check boxes – IP address, APCC Virtual Port, and Use Ascom Serial Object.


All very complicated.  I am currently testing with just the CP4 setting on my desk top.  My working USB/FTDI/Serial setup  delivers a ‘Mount Found ---’ on port test.  Everything new yields ‘Mount Not Found’.  Would the StarTech hardware solution be closer to plug and play?



Indy Fritz

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