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Dale Ghent

Hi Marj,

Just so I’m clear and don’t pick up something that I might already be getting, 1100s in the run that is currently undergoing assembly and shipping will not feature the S1100CSA, correct? Would it be possible to call the office and add it to my existing mount order, for it to be installed as an option there to avoid wasting the stock aluminum part?

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You were very quick to notice those. They have only been up a short time late this afternoon. Here is the availability:

S900CSA: in stock, but low quantity

S1200CSA: in stock, low quantity

S1100CSA: in stock

S1600CSA, Fall

SM1CSA, Fall


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I just saw in the new products section of the A-P web site that they will be offering the counterweight shaft adapters with the stainless steel inserts starting this fall for the Mach 1, 900, 1200, and 1600 mounts, but I don't see the 1100 mount in the list of mounts for which these are available. Will we be able to get these adapters for the 1100 mounts ?


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