Re: AP1100, Berlebach Planet, mounting CP4

>>> Roland said:


Whether you put the 3rd leg pointing North or pointing South, the clearance of the other two legs will be about the same. In fact, you will have slightly more clearance for the telescopes when pointing at the zenith because the 1100 Dec axis hangs more northward of center. It is also the most stable condition for the mount with just counterweights attached.


That would be great if the clearance is better, as I do not really WANT to put the single leg south.  But with both my old CEM70G and current MyT that did give me several inches more clearance, enough I had no risk of collision (so long as I paid a bit of attention to rotation angle of the filter wheel), but definitely had collisions otherwise.


But if I can put the single leg North and still not have a collision issue, that would be terrific, as that almost doubles the available supported CG position.


Thank you.


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