Re: Chasing a StarLink Satellite


> making an adjustment with a gamepad

How is the gamepad wired up?

Fwiw, I've been using APPC "remote" with a laptop.
When I need to do something at the mount (e.g. last night for some reason I had to "re-initialize / calibrate"), it is a bit awkward to "push the buttons on the control window"... sure the laptop is wifi and very portable, but it is awkward to look through the viewfinder while pushing a virtual button using the trackpad.

I do have an AP keypad, but i rarely use it as I'm mostly / always using APCC these days.

Having a simple gamepad at the mount would be useful when I occasionally need to move the scope to center an object in the viewfinder.

Btw, I have a celestron four button keypad with RJ12 connector.. I've wondered if I can plug this into the guide port, set the rate appropriately, and use it for minor moves.


On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 10:28 PM Brent Boshart <bboshart@...> wrote:
First night out with my Mach2.  How is this for different - a StarLink satellite is a tight round dot and the stars are streaks... :)   The perpendicular movement at 00:24 is me making an adjustment with a gamepad - how fun is that?  Near the end of the video clip you can see the StarLink rotate. I'm looking forward to an ISS pass.

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