Re: How important is THUM? #APCC

The GPS part is interesting – I am right now doing my own little Raspberry Pi weather setup primarily to get an immediate rain indication with an RG-9 sensor, not a cloud sensor.  It works, is tied to my Home Assistant automation, all good…


But I have the GPS coordinates as well from an attached GPS (as well as PPS/GPS time sync).


How, i.e. by what mechanism, could this be fed to the AP software/mount?  Does the AP ASCOM driver permit update of the lat/long (some, like the Paramount, only permit read)?


The weather stuff is pretty obvious through the safety or observing conditions driver, but it looks like most stuff either expects the mount to have the GPS. 


I can’t find an ASCOM driver template that addresses coordinates other than the mount. Some software like NINA, can search for a cooperative COM port if you have a GPS plugged into the windows USB on which it is running, but not pulled from another box, and not via ASCOM as best I can tell (other than from the ASCOM connection to the mount).  


(Yes, this is a sign I am bored while I wait for my AP1100 – save me from continuing to home build electronics before I solder my hands together!  Ship my mount!  😊 )




PS. I didn’t do it for GPS, clearly keying it in occasionally is easy, I did it for the optical rain sensor.  But… once you collect data, you want to do something with it!


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PegasusAstro had also posted this today as well.
"Price range will be close to 350-400 USD and yes, we aim to provide the gps coord / temp and abs pressure to 10micron interface.

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