Re: Counterweight Shaft Travel Storage

John A. Sillasen

Very good & solid (grin) advice,  Fernando, thank you. In fact,  I have threaded caps for both ends.  I think I plan to have the case and its contents,  lying under my bad and between the ScopeGuard case with the Mach 1 and a bunch of eyepiece cases or the Stowaway case.  The Mach 1 tends to ride with me even if the 1100 is to be the primary mount. 

I think,  at least at this point,  the Eagle Pier will come out so the ATS Pier can be strapped against the wall in the same location that held the Eagle. Not that any of that has to do with the counterweight shaft and its carry case, just free association for space management.  I gain very little taking the ScopeGuard case out and it does a good job keeping things on the bed in the van where I left them for travel.

Good advice,  thank you.  I do hate the thought of buying a special tool for cutting the PVC pipe to size for this one time job, though. I've got the purple goo to put the male thread cap on the pipe.  Maybe just a Iittle Teflon tape over the threads will help keep the end caps on better. 

Thanks for all the advice!  Exactly what the purpose of this group is and it does it well.

John A. Sillasen

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