Re: Dual scope setup question

Frank Widmann

One computer can handle all of the equipment for two scopes with no problem. Other than camera downloads, most of the interfaces are low data rate. I considered mounting a computer on the declination axis, but computers have limited USB ports so you have to add a hub. Once you add a hub, why expose your computer to the elements? It is also hard to change computer connections in a cable rich environment. Instead I run two 7-port powered hubs and keep the computer in the cabinet.

One other thing I didn’t mention previously is that I download images directly to One Drive on the capture computer. They are stored on the computer’s hard drive, but are immediately available to my image processing system. Once the images are in the processing system I can remove them from the capture drive to make room for more. I image automatically all night, and I can wake up at any time and do a quick progress check by opening One Drive on my iPad and confirming that files are being added.


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