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Sébastien Doré

This is quite simple actually. Bill's post gave me the exact same idea and I figured it out quite easily. Just follow along as there are several steps.
  • In APCC, go to Settings -> Environmental Settings
  • Check the "Enable Environmental Polling" checkbox
  • Under "Source", select "ASCOM ObservingConditions"
  • Hit "Select Driver" button
  • Under dropping list, select ASCOM Observing Conditions Hub (OCH), then hit "Properties"  button. It'll open OCH Configuration window where you can select and configure the driver on an environmental property basis:

Under pressure, select OBSCON: OpenWeatherMap ObservingConditions and click the Setup (gear) button. A window will pop and let you enter the API key you got from the link Bill provided (or you can click the Obtain Key button). It will open the OpenWeatherMap website
Once on the OpenWeatherMap website, you'll need to:
1- create an account and activate it (they'll send you a verification email)
2- then head over to the API section and click "Subscribe" under Current Weather Data.
3- on the next page, click "Get API key" from the Free column option. 
4- click on "API keys" and copy the key that was generated to clipboard
  • Paste the API key in the appropriate field from the OpenWeatherMap Setup (ASCOM) window. Click on the "Select Site" tab and populate the fields according to your location (by name or Geo Coord.) and hit "Check" button (It might take a few minutes before the API key gets activated, so be patient if it returns an error. Just try again until it works). 
  • Select the nearest location in the list and click OK.
  • Click OK again, and again
  • Back to the APCC Environmental Configuration/Status window, click the "Test" button. Fields shoud populate with the data from your sensor as well as Atmospheric Pressure from OpenWM.
  • Click OK one last time. Done!

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On Thu, May 13, 2021 at 04:16 PM, Marcelo Figueroa wrote:
The latter is what I do, I use the Pegasus Powerbox Advance which has sensors for temperature and humidity, but not pressure. The latter I get via and combine it all using the ASCOM Observing Conditions  driver (OCH) in APCC.
Great idea.  I also use a Pegasus Advance and have internet access in my BYO.  Is there a guide you can recommend to configure this with OCH?  Thanks!

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